They say as a mother we have to learn to cut the apron strings to our children and let them grow up. Most parents, when their children get to high school age have to deal with that moment their kids want to go to the big town/city with their mates & the majority of parents will let them go under the set conditions of staying safe, use of mobile phones and communication.

For a parent of an autistic child, this isn’t easy. My child is going to see his friend in the morning. A simple day out, cinema, lunch and in the mall. (Yes, mall! My child speaks with an American accent). They are so excited. I, on the other hand, have stress levels reaching a soldier about to walk out on patrol in Afghanistan!!

My anxiety, fear and worry about what could go wrong is giving me such a headache I can barely keep my eyes open. It’s not that I don’t trust him, I don’t trust others. 

I know his friends knows he’s got autism and will keep an eye out for him but that’s an awful lot of pressure on her too.  I don’t want her to take on this stress.

On the other hand, my boy is going out! He’s socialising!!!!! He’s being accepted for who he is, he is not judged for his quirky ways, how he talks, the actions he does when over excited,  he’s accepted, well and truly for who he is. This makes me seriously happy. 

I won’t be far away from them, now I’m not spending all my time with them to cramp their style and be THAT annoying, over protective and over paranoid mom,  but I’ll be floating around, just incase he needs me. 

I won’t sleep a wink tonight because of this. 


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