I didn’t think I’d bother posting about this but it’s kinda been on my mind and grating my nerves so I’m gonna get it off my chest.

A while back I was asked how much I charged for my wedding photography coverage. I gave all the details, what was covered, how long I would be at the event, how long it would take for the couple to get their images, what they would receive etc. and I was told I charged too much.

Well folks, actually no, NO I DO NOT! I am perfectly priced for the clients I attract. I am not expensive for the time I spend on photographing a wedding and on my editing. I am not expensive for the albums you receive.

ANYWAY….. skip a few months later and I’ve now been contacted to edit the above mentioned couple’s wedding photographs. Er…. hello… pardon, what?

First of all. if you have wedding images that need to be edited, do the right thing and GO BACK TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER WHO TOOK YOUR IMAGES!!!! That, folks, is a) Common Sense and b) protocol.

Do not go and ask a “friend” who is a “photographer” to edit images that you didn’t pay them to take in the first place and then Do NOT, EVER, EVER, EVER, expect them to edit images for FREE!!!!

Just who the fuck do you think you are?

I would never dream of asking a friend whose a plumber to come out to my house, fix my issue and then give him a punch on the arm and tell him swell job, bye. I would never ask a friend whose a jeweller to make me a piece of jewellery and when I get it say, thanks so much and not pay them. Would you ask the dentist to fix your tooth, take away the pain and then just walk out the door? Would you go buy flowers from a stall holder but oooops, no money, sure we’ll take the flowers anyway, or go to a restaurant and have a perfectly cooked meal and say compliments to the chef and leave? NO! so why the hell do people always ask a photographer, whose learnt their skills, honed their craft and take time out away from their families and life and NOT get paid for doing so. Does your “top job” or “that’s so awesome” or even if we’re lucky.. your “thanks so much” pay? Does your comments put food on our tables, pay for our kids clothes, pay for rent or bills? NO!

So please, you cannot take ANY offence, when you ASK for a photographer’s SKILLS and SERVICE for editing image and they tell you, “Certainly, I can help you with your requirement, Here is my price…” and YOU ARE RUDE AS FUCKING HELL when you IGNORE us afterwards. So let me help you out…..

The convo went like this,

*The person*

“Hi (me)

I was just wondering if you could help me out, I’ve got x amount of images that I would like edited.”

*My Reply*

“Hi (them)

I could edit them, but here is my editing fee start off price. It all depends on what you want done”

*The person*

“well, i only want these x amount of images edited, [insert sad smiley face]

*my reply*

Really you should go back to your wedding photographer and ask them to do it, they’ll charge you more than me but this is my price and you need to pay it upfront before you send me the images to work on”




How the conversation should have went…

all of the above but their reply before the radio silence should have been…


“Thanks for your reply, I shall go back to the photographer who took my images and ask them to fix what I want. thanks again for your time”


So don’t be a shitty client to your photographer folks,

They don’t deserve it, and if they’re a shitty photographer, then pay for the professionals in the first place!


And to all those lovely, awesome folks, who support me by paying for my photography services, you fucking rock!!!





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