When does an online friendship become a genuine friendship, an obsession or an infatuation?

Are the friendships we make online healthy?

How do you regulate yourself and your emotions regarding those you connect with?

Why do we yearn this connection with people so badly?

Why is it so easy to open up to a stranger, a picture and name on the screen rather than to someone you can physically see, touch, smell, taste?

Is it easier to get attached to someone online because you feel you can connect to fictional characters in the books you read? do we view online at fictional? a space where we can connect to others and use our imaginations, to loose reality?

If it is all fictional and not genuinely real, does it make our emotions any the less acute, real, strong?


Is this why I fall so hard, for the like of HIM, and when it ends or I know deep down that it will end eventually I break my own heart?


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