Things change. 

People grow and evolve.

We step away from those that no longer encourage, support, give positivity and nurture our lives. 

But today I can’t help but be thankful for the friendships I have that grow alongside me. For the women in my life who don’t slate me because I’m not as pretty or wear a certain dress size, or act in a certain way that they seem is the norm or need to be associated with. They don’t slam me for being a single parent, or because I don’t get to socialise as much as I’d like to. I’m also thankful for the men in my life. They show me unconditional love, gratitude and a bond that doesn’t necessarily mean they want sex, or a friendship needs to be sexual, they prove that a guy and a girl can seriously just be mates! They are the big brothers I never had.

I’m also learning that sometimes I need to make the first step in contact, to say to them, “Hi, how are you?” And not wait with the attitude of ‘if they want me, they know where to get me’ 

It’s ok to communicate and say “Just checking in, all ok?” 
So if you have people in your life, communicate, say hi, be thankful for the roles they have in your life and enjoy the changes and growth between you all. Life’s too short otherwise. 


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