Today I had a mini panic attack. 

I thought that because HE hadn’t been in touch for a couple of days the crap had hit the fan again. I sat for hours going over my social media conversations to make sure I’d not said anything to him to cause any offence and I thought back to our last phone conversation but couldn’t think of anything that may have caused radio silence.

But I had this sickening deja-va sensation. But what caused me to stress wasn’t even that I hadn’t heard from him as such, it was the thought of getting back in touch with jinx to send him the message and see if all was ok. I didn’t know if I could do it. I was scared to say Hi incase he came back angry with me. 

Finally I bit the bullet and got on touch, luck was on my side, all was ok, but that dreaded deja-vu had me in tender hooks! 

My mind was racing, my heart rate was quickened, I felt nauseous. And all for nothing.

I’m a nightmare!!! 


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