Isn’t it awful that we can’t be content, that we want to have our cake and eat it too? 

I thought so too, simply because we sound greedy. 

But I am greedy. I want it all. I want the magic, the butterflies, the feeling of home.  I want to be waiting naked in bed for my man to come from work and ravish me the moment he gets in the door or if I come home I want him sitting, with just his smile on his face with his feet propped up on the table with a huge big steamy mug of tea and I can devour both. 

I want to wake up on a Sunday morning in the early hours, just as the sun breaks and watch him sleep soundly, his face relaxed, his body content so I can whisper quietly in his ear “I love you” & to then let out a squeal of delight as he wraps his arms around me and kisses me softly while gently pulling me towards him and entwining our legs together before falling back asleep and wakening up again to feel him push deep inside me, my legs wrapped around him while he makes love with me.

I want to be his shoulder to lean on, to give him a sounding board to vent his worries, to give him the support he needs and be proud of his achievements, I want him to make me laugh so hard that my cheeks get sore, I want him to see my achievements and tell everybody “that’s my girl”

I want him to send me good morning and goodnight texts when he can’t be with me, in fact, I want to fall asleep listening to his sexy sleepy voice over the phone. 

This, this is me being greedy.  I want the hand holding, I want his hand draped on my thigh while I’m driving or vice versa. I want to sit on his lap and shout at the telly when the bikes are on, kissing while we celebrate our favourites winning. 

I want to be able to sit lying in to his chest while we read our books and drink tea/coffee. I want date nights!!!! I want quirky fun loving dates, I want simple and heart felt,  I want to share food and conversations while sitting at the end of pier’s wall. 

I want his smell on my clothes, the feel of his fingertips on my skin, I want his body heat to engulf me, I want his laugh to lift my soul, to be able to think of him and my smile spread widely across my face. I want. I WANT! I want to be greedy. 

Is that so bad? 


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