A weekend of alcohol with my bestie was definitely what was required. We got totally hammered, talked about life, chances, goals and dreams.

Half way through the night I got a message from HIM. I’m proud to say, I didn’t flip out. I gave a wee dig but nowt that would cause him any offence, it was more to please me, like a last stubborn streak. 

But I’ve missed him. I won’t lie about it. I missed his voice. We’ve been in contact since, today we’ve been online and spoken three times on the phone. We’re good. 

But what I can’t get over is how quickly my mood has changed! There’s a genuine smile back on my face. And he was on the phone before bed. His sleep voice. I’ve missed it. I’ve missed him and our banter. 

Last night I went to bed, it was the first night in 4 weeks that I wasn’t overthinking, rehashing or worrying. I couldn’t sleep, for the life of me it was too quiet, I had to stick on the headphones to let the music take over. 

HEs on his last night shift of the week, he knows to call me if he needs the company, one hand I know if he calls I’ll answer, he knows it too, but he may not phone and just hammer on. 

But I’m happy again, thank fuck for that. All that shit was soul sucking! 


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