So everything kicked off right?

My daughter was judged because she’s not ‘saved’ and has ‘mared’ her body with tattoos and colours her hair. She’s also judged on who her family are, who she’s related to and who her father is. So for her Christian friend, his daddy thinks she’s not a good person or should I say, she’s not good enough for his son. Either as a friend or somebody to date. 

This has really, really angered me. (& I get really fucking sweary when I’m pissed off!)

And this is what happened to me with HIM and my head has been well and truly fucked this past week. Some of which had raised more questions than giving me answers but that’s another post another day. 

I am a single parent. My kids come before everything else. They know right from wrong, good from evil. They have been taught not to judge anybody on their race, religion, etc and they’ve been taught to respect, show compassion and kindness. My kids make me fucking proud! They don’t do drugs, they don’t hang out in the wrong company, they don’t steal, they don’t vandalise, they have never brought the police to my door. Yet someone who doesn’t know them judges my family because they don’t go to church or believe in god!?!

I’m judged for what I say, even when I’m trying to be a friend and help. Well, let me tell you, if you want to be a judgemental cockwomble, you go right ahead. That’s your perogitive but I won’t let you make me or my children feel inferior, belittled or fill us with self doubt that what we say or do isn’t worthy, isn’t helpful, isn’t enough.

So take yer opinions and shove them so far up yer arse that you could use them as a toothbrush and clean yer teeth. 

Religion in this country is the bane of our lives and no way will I let it affect my kids when it doesn’t need to.  Who do you think you are? 

Well incase nobody tells you, I will, you’re a judgemental ignorant selfish being and you’ll mean nothing to us. I won’t give you the power of screw with my head or my kids. They are good humans, with awesome morals and ethics and beliefs. Your narrow mindness will not change that! 


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