The drama continued yesterday when I was on social media and got a message, as if nothing ever happened.

Er, sorry, no!

You flip on me a 180 and then decide to flip back with no explanation and expect me to just carry on as if nowt happened? Don’t think so. 

Even tho I was mad, I didn’t loose it completely. Well, sitting in a coffee shop with black tears cuz the bastard made ye cry (again) wasn’t not loosing it completely but I didn’t go psycho!! I was just so hurt.

Eventually I got the reason for the personality change, which to be honest, kinda hurt me more, it was all judgement. I got an apology and I’ll chat again, but I’m very wary of what I say now. Don’t want anything to be used against me or taken out of context. That’s sad tho, right?

One thing is for sure, that was a major, MAJOR screw up on his part and that’s his only chance. Next time I won’t be so forgiving 


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