Oh what a difference a couple of days make.

So HE hadn’t been in touch and I decided to drop a quick message just to say hey and see how he was. I got slammed!!

Over the course of two days with no contact he has done a complete 180 and totally freaked out with me for whatever god known reason he’s thought of. And it hurts!

After we spoke about everything beforehand, told our stories, HE now has it in his head that I am the worst in the world. I am the enemy. 

I’ve just been myself. I was honest, I tried to help, I listened when he was angry and needed to vent, I gave up my time to be there for him, yet it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough. And for whatever reason, the friendship we’d built wasn’t enough. I have absolutely no idea why he turned. What happened?

I asked. He ignored. 

I’m walking away. I refuse to chase after people. I will not let him break me anymore. I will not cry any more tears over a person who doesn’t deserve them. He will never know the pain he’s caused me. 

I’ve dealt with worse bastards who couldn’t break me. And I won’t change being the kind of friend I am just because he didn’t appreciate me. 

I hope he gets the happiness and life that he wants so badly, maybe then he’ll find peace with himself and learn not to be a Grade A Bastard!


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