They say a problem shared is a problem halved. 

I’m that person, I’m the one people come to and tell me their issues. Even in high school I was like an agony aunt, I even got the notes passed in class! Normally I don’t mind this.

I’ve been through enough of my own bad times that I can at least relate to others. I’m not saying that my advice is gospel, afterall it’s just my opinion on what I would do, but if it helps someone breathe for a few minutes, gives them a sense of relief that they have told their woes and they can feel lighter for it is that a bad thing? 

Well see, I didn’t think so, until recently. I find that I’m taking on everybody else’s worries and fears and they are overpowering my own, so now I’m getting swamped by feeling their emotions including my own.

But should I stop listening? Of course not. Just need to find a way to be an anchor without drowning myself. It’s hard tho, espwhen their issues are either the same or very similar to my own.

I guess I’m the person whose there for everybody but I don’t have anybody for me. 

Today I just wanted a hug. You know those kinda hugs where you feel the other person wrap their arms around you, pull you in tight and you just feel yourself sinking into them. You feel safe. Secure. Loved. Happy. Encouraged. Hope. Like you belong. And when you go to break away they hold you for that extra wee bit of time because they know you need it. That’s the kinda hug I needed today. 


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