I love people watching. as a photographer people intrigue me and I wonder what their story is?

Today I saw a sweet elderly couple while I was out with the kids. Can you imagine their love story? Has it been a story of romance and heartache? How many years have they celebrated married? Did they have a quiet ceremony or was it a grand affair? 

Think of ALL the hard times they’ve gotten through, ill health, rubbing her back and holding her hair while she was sick, keeping his temperature regulated with a damp cloth. Did they go through times of hardship & want to shout and scream at each other or did they ignore each other for hours giving the silence treatment. Forgiving each other for harsh words.

 The laughter they’ve shared? Can you imagine the sneaky cheeky smirks across the dinner table with friends at an inside joke, squishing cake into each other’s mouths at a picnic, sitting at the harbour pier sharing fish and chips for a date night or did he swirl her around the floor dancing cheek to cheek? Her tummy butterflies fluttering like crazy while her head lay on his chest and she could hear his deep laugh rumbling. Her laugh and twinkling eyes making him feel like she was his precious diamond and sparkles only for him.

 Were they blessed with children? If so how many? How old are they now, are they close with their parents? Was he proud of her growing belly carrying his babies, did he kiss her tummy and talk to his unborn children. Did he help her with foot massages when her legs got too sore? Did they lean on each other for those late night feeds and teething tantrums. Was she the mum who told her children the story of how she met their daddy? Recalling the moment she knew he was her one? 

Does he tell his wife after all these years she’s still as beautiful as the day he first saw her? Does her heart skip a beat when she wakes up in the morning and after all these years she still loves the sound of his sound asleep breathing, does he wake up before her still and watch her sleep, knowing he’s made her happy all these years?  Does she tell him he’s still her rock? When she faces times of fear he settles her because she knows he has her back? Does he feel as empowered and masculine like a king knowing he has the best queen still standing strong beside him.  Do they tell each other, not out of habit or routine but because they truly mean it “I love you” every single day.

Or does the squeeze while holding hands together sitting on a bench, or the wiping away a rolling tear or a pat on the bum while walking through a doorway or that glance across a room full of people sum it all up?

Not everyone likes watching old couples but I truly admire them. They have been through life together and defied all odds.

They have what I will never get.

They get to celebrate longevity, a lifetime of memories. They get the celebrate the major wedding anniversaries.  They have albums full of holidays, events, laughter and love from the whole time together.

I’ll be honest, I can become quiet sad when I see older couples together. It’s a reminder that I’m nearing my 40s and I’m still alone.

I hope they cherish their love, life and every box they get to tick together. It’s precious. 

Have you ever thought what your story sounds like? 


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