Monday is kicking my ass. I’m so tired emotionally.

The weekend saw me attending my friend’s funeral. It was the first time I went to a funeral on my own and didn’t know ANYBODY there. We were all united in mourning though. As I sat in the crematorium’s restaurant along with my friend’s life long friends and family, I watched their expressions. There were greetings, tight hugs, tears were gently rolling down their cheeks, others were laughing from telling stories, the antics they used to get up to together.

When it was time to move into the service hall, people became more subdued & pulled into themselves. I realised as the family came in and his coffin was brought in to the room, this was everybody’s chance to say their goodbyes. To show their love.

With each speech, reading and note of music played, his character was there. Who he was a person was remembered and adored. It made me sad because I wondered with all these people who loved my friend, who knew him for so many years, who he spoke to regularly, how awfully lonely did he really feel? how unworthy did depression cause him to feel? All he wanted was a relationship, to belong to someone, to be loved and cherished but didn’t he realise he already belonged to people, he was so unbelievably loved and cherished.

If you do one thing to day I ask that you tell someone who is important to you that they matter. Tell them you love them deeply. Tell them they are part of your life. Tell them they are enough. Tell them you are thankful for their support, love, friendship & everything they do for you.

Sometimes, we just need to hear it.

Sometimes, we need that reassurance.

Sometimes, it can make all the difference.




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