I’m not depressed (am I in denial?) I just had a morning where EVERYTHING got on top of me. I’ve had so much on my plate lately and I think too, because i’m due back to see my surgeon on monday, things are just building I needed to vent.

A good bitching and it’s like the weight has been lifted. I’m still not all fucking sunshine and sparkles but hey, life could be worse. I’m overthinking everything and it pulled the self pity strings. That annoys me. In fact, self pity makes me angry.

So i’m out tonight to see my son in his local Boy’s Brigade Display. It’s also his prize night so i’m gonna be an abundance of pride and happiness because that’s what my kids do… make me happy.

Sorry for the doom and gloom earlier. there’s only so much my shoulders will carry before it slides. but hey, we’re only human right!

enjoy the rest of your Friday evening folks,



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